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ESD Protection: USB 2.0


  • This library is a comprehensive ESD solution for USB20 hard macro cells.
  • The design is targeted to pass 4KV ESD with HBM model.
  • One of the key components of the library is the 5-Volt tolerant ESD protection that provides
    the high current capability for DP and DN while minimizing the capacitance.
  • All high current signal datapaths (DP and DN) and power pads are capable of greater than 30 mA DC current at 125°C.

figure 7

Recommended Operating Conditions

  Description Min Nom Max Units
VDVDD I/O supply voltage 2.97 3.3 3.63 V
TA Ambient operating temperature 0 25 100 °C
VVDD Core supply voltage 0.9 1.0 to 1.2 1.32 V
TJ Junction temperature -40 25 125 °C
VPAD Voltage at PAD 0 - VDVDD V
VIH Input logic high 0.7 * VDVDD   VDVDD + 0.3 V
VIL Input logic low VDVSS – 0.3   0.3 * VDVDD V

Foundry Support

Technology Silicon proven / in production Under development Planned
55nm GF    
65nm GF, TSMC    
90nm GF, TSMC    
110nm GF    
130nm GF, TSMC, UMC    
180nm GF    

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ESD Protection: RF

The set of discrete RF ESD protection devices in this library have been selected to provide the analog ASIC designers with a full range of ESD protection devices that allow the optimization of ESD protection to core circuitry and minimize the total capacitance. If the core components can be placed close to the padring, Aragio recommends that one of the RF IO pads be selected for ESD protection rather than the designer doing the place and routing of the interconnect. The reason for this recommendation is that the RF IO pads have already been optimized to provide an effective current path for the ESD currents that may exceed 6A. Both the input IR drop (through the metal interconnect) and the IR drop through the power supply paths (the metal interconnect and Via’s) need to be included in the chip level ESD analysis.

The types of ESD protection devices include both clamp diodes and silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCR’s). The reason for this is because SCR’s provide the same level of protection as diodes with about a quarter of the capacitance. However, some RF applications may not allow the user to utilize SCR’s, so diodes will need to be used in various applications. Also, many times the ESD solution may be a combination of SCR’s and clamp diodes.


  • ESD protection diodes
  • SCRs
  • Analog inputs
  • Analog outputs
  • RF inputs

Foundry Support

Technology Silicon proven / in production Under development Planned
16nm TSMC    
28nm GF, TSMC    
40nm TSMC    
55nm GF    
65nm GF    
90nm GF    
130nm GF    
180nm GF    

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